The community library began when the Nevada County Public Library began setting up satellite branches in 2002.

A government committee was formed that considered many locations on the San Juan Ridge, an area recognized as under served.   These areas included downtown North San Juan and both school sites, Grizzly Hill and Oak Tree.   Due to administrative changes at both the county library and the school district levels the project was put on hold and never realized. In 2003, the school librarian, Roo Cantada approached Twin Ridges Elementary School District Board with the proposal of opening up and expanding Grizzly Hill’s already extensive K-8 library one day per week after school and during the summer. This program   “Grizzly Hill School Community Library” was run every Tuesday by Cantada and some dedicated volunteers for over 8 years. It served many patrons including the families of Grizzly Hill, Twin Ridges Home Study and Ananda Schools. The entire community library was a collective donation of the residents of the ridge and reflects the wide range of tastes and interests. Over time it grew to over 3,000 books!

Cantada threw annual fundraisers to purchase books and that fit both the community library and K-8 base of Grizzly Hill to help sustain the program. In 2011, the Twin Ridges School Board voted to close the program and instructed Cantada to remove the collection not relevant to Grizzly Hill School K-8 population. In early 2012, Cantada approached the Oak Tree Park and Recreation District and procured a space to house the San Jan Ridge Community Library. Cantada recruited several community members to form a new non-profit organization under the same name.

Once building was secure, board was signed up, the real work began. Cantada recruited community members to build shelves and we began to grow.


Since its creation, we have blossomed into a meeting place for the entire community. Located in the old Twin Ridges District office, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful Oak Tree Park.  We have grown the collection to over 11,000 titles, including audio books, documentaries, large print, local history and more.  Our internet has been upgraded to Fiber Optic cable provided by Nevada County Library and we have 3 public computers and a wireless color/BW printer.  We are now recipients of Measure A funds that have allowed us to (after 4 years of fundraising and working for free) pay employees, develop collection and create programs.

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